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MIATF 2017 Official Program

MIATF 2017 Official Program

May 23 2017, Tuesday

La fable du trop-plein ‒ Valises en cavale (Mtl)
A queen with two heads (a puppet) has just been elected. The people (the musicians) who first supported her and her multiple reforms begin to question her power and challenge her decisions…

4’33’‘ in Baghad ‒ Thought Experiment Productions (Mtl)
“The United Nations asked me and other musicologists,
anthropologists, cultural scientists, to write a report on a (hypothetical) performance of John Cage’s 4’33” given in
Baghdad at an open-air festival not long ago.“
4’33’‘ is a three-movement composition by American experimental composer John Cage (1912–1992). It was composed in 1952, for any instrument or combination of instruments, and the score instructs the performer(s) not to play their instrument(s) during the entire duration of the piece throughout the three movements. 4’33’‘ became for Cage the epitome of his idea that any sounds may constitute music.
“For the first time a performance of this piece was given in which the pianist stayed almost the whole time under the piano, shaking.”
Thought Experiment Productions is the continuation of nü.kolektif, an Istanbul-based collective of interdisciplinary artists, founded in 2009, that offers politically oriented performances (feminist dramaturgy, antimilitarist, antinationalist, antiracist, etc.). They also work inside Boal’s framework of the Theatre of the Oppressed. Thought Experiment was born following the moving of the two founders to Montreal.

Poète (en cours) ‒ Xavier Neszvescko (Mtl)

Plum BOMB ‒ Bilal Baig (Ontario)
One day, a young queer Filipina girl realizes that she can’t say no to white people. This causes her and her friends (also queer people of colour) to examine their relationships to one another, their teachers, parents and loved ones. They ask: how loud do we scream in order to be heard? Plum BOMB is a comedy that reflects the lives of three young queer people of colour living in the suburbs. It aims to reflect the complex experiences of queer people of colour in an honest and
nuanced way.

Bilal Baig is a Toronto-based playwright and actor. He is an Ontario Arts Council Playwright-in-Residence at Theatre Passe Muraille currently developing three plays: Acha Bacha, Plum BOMB and Khwaja Sera. He recently presented Khwaja Sera at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre at the Rhubarb Festival.

May 24 2017, Wednesday GUY gun: une histoire de famille. Épisode 1 ‒ Conseil de guerre et lanternes (Mtl) GUY gun: Une histoire de famille, épisode 1, is a poetical fragment exploring patriarchy and its failure.

Quand vient le soir ‒ Dominic Laperrière-Marchessault (Mtl)
Afraid of the dark or fear not being alone in the
dark? Fear of being watched, followed, attacked? Documentary drama, Quand vient le soir deals with the fear of black and street harassment. On stage, four actresses relay the words of more than 250 witnesses who unveil their story.

Sex with an anarchist ‒ Norman Nawrocki (Mtl)
Norman Nawrocki, Montreal cabaret artist/actor/author, will
perform extracts from four of his hit anti-sexist, queer-positive, sex-positive ‘sex’ comedy cabarets, ‘I Don’t Understand Women!’, ‘My Dick & Other Manly Tales,’ ‘Sex Toys!’, and ‘Lessons from a 7ft Penis.’ Nawrocki uses non-sexist, nonhomophobic humour to address issues around gender, human sexuality, homophobia, harassment, diversity, violence against women, anatomy, techniques, attitude etc., but doesn’t joke about the serious stuff. Since he started performing the shows in 1993, over a million people have seen them at almost every university and college campus in Canada and dozens in the USA.
“Thought-provoking & real, honest & ‘fall out of your seat’ hilarious. Nawrocki talks about the things that people are
thinking, but too afraid or embarrassed to mention, but these are the things that people NEED to talk about.” – Sarah McCardell, Sexual Assault Survivors Support Line (SASSL), York University
“Wins a seal of approval from women & leaves men laughing.” – The Toronto Star

Lindex : le doigt sur le bobo ‒ Lindex (Mtl)
Lindex : Le doigt sur le bobo is a multidisciplinary improvisation performance, inspired by the words of the public and the reflections of the actors on their daily struggle to not be overwhelmed by the effects of the capitalist world where competitiveness and overconsumption are weakening humanity and the planet.

Since 2017 marks the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution, this edition of the MIATF is dedicated to the anarchists who participated in the revolution and to those who endured the Soviet repression that followed. We also dedicate the festival to the anarchist playwrite, poet, filmmaker and journalist Armand Gatti (1924-2017). An anti-fascist throughout his life, Armand Gatti also fought in
the French resistance against the Nazis.